Mount of the Moon Productions is an ethnographic film production company I formed in 2016. It began with a mission to document the happenings of Dewa Sanzan, my field site in northeastern Japan. The company name is inspired by the tallest of the three mountains comprising Dewa Sanzan, an extinct shield volcano known as Gassan , literally "Moon Mountain." In 1689, the famous poet, Matsuo Basho, climbed Gassan for the first time and later wrote:

The peaks of clouds

Have crumbled into fragments–

Mount of the Moon!

The first film produced by Mount of the Moon Productions was "The Buddha Mummies of North Japan," a documentary short directed by Satoshi Watanabe. It won the 'Best Documentary award in the University of Toronto Film Festival 2017 and will soon available for rent or purchase on 'Vimeo On Demand.' 

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