My name is Shayne A. P. Dahl. I am a PhD Candidate in Sociolinguistic Anthropology at the University of Toronto. My dissertation, Summits Where Souls Gather: Sacred Mountains and Historical Consciousness in Japan, explores the spatiotemporality of Dewa Sanzan, the most prominent centre for pilgrimage and mountain asceticism in northeastern Japan. For my BA at the University of Lethbridge (2007) and MA at Trent University (2012), I conducted intermittent ethnographic fieldwork with a Blackfoot-speaking community in Alberta, Canada, researching shamanism, epistemology, ethics, ontology, and dreams.

Over the course of my research with mountain ascetics in Japan and with the Blackfoot in Alberta, I have developed a strong interest in the human-mountain interface, the diverse ways in which humans and mountains relate in societies throughout the world.

I began alpine ethnographer because I have gathered together a growing archive of resources that other anthropologists, researchers, mountain enthusiasts, and aficionados may find useful. Also, as a hub for us 'mountain folk' to cross paths. 

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